ADRAVE, SA, was created on the 15 th September 1998, and it is qualified as Regional Development Agency (RDA) being: i) an operating instrument of every regional agents, enable to extended and associate the regional development potentialities; ii)a support and an interface between its partners and the national and international institutions on the projects implementation; iii) A direct promotor of projects with the aim of creating a new image of this Region.
The Mission of ADRAVE is to promote the area’s regional development, and represents a key organization, recognized in promoting the area’s modernization, knowledge and innovation.
ADRAVE comprises a team with multidisciplinary technical skills and vast professional experience, supplemented by a vast network of consultants in its various spheres of intervention, capable of streamlining structuring projects for the region, along with entrepreneurial projects.
ADRAVE has 42 Agency Partners inside the following profile: i)Public Administration; ii) Non Profit Associations; iii) Bank, Insurance and Risk Funds e iv)Private Companies. ADRAVE asserts itself as a privileged setting for actual cooperation between the public and private sectors, actively involving every Municipality, Universities, Innovation and Technology Centers, Business Associations and Companies.
Our Filed of Intervention is:
•Organization Tourism and Culture Promotion
•Regional Economic Development;
•Education, Training and Employment;
•Multiple actions of promotion;
•Territorial Marketing
As part of transnational cooperation projects that it has been participating in, ADRAVE has a vast network of partnerships with some 50 local, regional and domestic organizations in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Austria.
In recent years the activities of ADRAVE for the competitiveness of the territory and textile companies, allows ADRAVE be assumed as a player in existing Business Ecosystem in Northern Portugal, in supporting the textile sector among others.
ADRAVE is a founding member of the Cluster Cluster Textile Technology and Fashion, recognized recently by the Portuguese Government.


Av. 25 de Abril, nº 634 – Casa de Louredo
4760-101 Vila Nova de Famalicão 


Joaquim Lima