ESMOD Berlin

ESMOD Berlin International Academy of Fashion unites a deep awareness of tradition with a strong orientation to the future. Offering both a 7 semester bachelor’s and 3 semester master’s degrees plus Focus’ –a brand new extra curricular programme ( We aim to train original and critical designers – designers who can move with creative competence, sustainable success and a strong sense of responsibility in the international fashion world. ESMOD Berlin sees it as its duty to convey interdisciplinary artistic and creative skills as well as technically-analytical and scientific skills and interdisciplinary knowledge.
The educational concept of the École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode grows out of a long tradition. The school was founded in 1841 by Alexis Lavigne, master tailor and the inventor of both the dress form and the flexible measuring tape. In the 21st century, ESMOD Berlin continues to place great value on training on the bust (hand), as well as on a teaching approach that links action-oriented learning with artistic-experimental practice (eye) and probing scholarly reflection (mind).
The university’s master’s degree in Sustainability in Fashion is an expression of our view of the need to take responsibility for humanity and the environment in a period of rapid global change. Our graduates’ pronounced problem-solving and decision-making competence, in association with their individual responsibility as designers, gives rise to a holistic stimulus for societal change. ESMOD Berlin’s masters programme is the first master degree In Sustainabilty in Fashion to be offered worldwide!
ESMOD Berlin will continue to undergo steady, substantive development in engaged, open communication between faculty and students in a spirit of sociocultural sensitivity and nuanced contemporary understanding of society and the environment.


Görlitzer Str. 51
10997 Berlin 


Prof. Valentin Rothmaler