The structure of the organisation

The Acte Organisation

ACTE is a network of around 30 Municipalities around Europe, representing a population of about 2.000.000 inhabitants. The cities and territories associated have in common a model of business development related to the textile and fashion sectors in some way.
The network counts also on the membership of institutions related to the textile industry, local development agencies, research in textile, design, education, etc… which provide the network different dimensions on the evolution of the sector, making our performance more complete. 
The central mandate organs of the ACTE network are the Presidency and the Treasury, together with the National Vice-Presidencies. The Presidency office is in charge of the administration, management and representativeness of the network, whilst the Treasury is in charge of the economical administration. 
National Vice-presidencies are in charge of coordinating the members and cooperate with the central management organs of the network at a National level.
The Presidency of ACTE is held from 2016 by the Municipality of Borås (Sweden). The current President of ACTE is the Mayor of the City, Mr. Ulf Olsson.
The Treasury is the main Economic organ of the network and its management is held in Portu-gal, since the creation of ACTE was originally in Guimarães. Mr. António Quintão, Director of AMAVE, is the current Treasurer of the Association.


City of Borås 
Kungsgatan 55 
501 80 Borås 

Contact information



Mr. Ulf Olsson

Borås City Council

Contact person

Mrs. Nelly Hayek
ACTE Coordinator


AMAVE – Associação de Municípios do Vale do Ave
Rua Capitão Alfredo Guimarães, 1
4800-019 Guimarães 

Contact person

Mr. António Quintão

Our beloved members