Berlin Fashion Film Festival - BFFF

BFFF was founded in 2012 to highlight the most creative work produced for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. Since its first edition BFFF showcases the best films for multinational brands side by side the most exciting content produced by upcoming directors.

We lower the barriers for directors to enter the business of filmmaking, since production companies, agencies and brands come to BFFF every year to discover the most relevant trends and talents in state-of-the-art filmmaking. Films run through the veins of BFFF. With more than 30 years of experience in the film, event and communication industry our managing team is constantly finding new ways to support the decision makers and creatives of the industry to connect and collaborate.

After successfully running the Berlin Fashion Film Festival for a couple of years, the BFFF-Team launched Creative Speed Dating by BFFF to connect directors, production companies, agencies and brands and the BFFF SHOWROOM showcasing a handpicked selection of the most exciting content and creatives out there.

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