Fashion change: New horizons for the textile and clothing industry

Coming up this May in Prato, Italy, a conference that focuses on the themes of circular economy, industry 4.0, new technologies, and digital solutions and potentials to sustain creativity and textile production. This is #TCBL_2018, the third edition of the TCBL (Textile & Clothing Business Labs) conference, a project financed by the Horizon 2020 programme and coordinated by the Municipality of Prato with a network of 22 European partners. 
The conference, called “Fashion Change: New Horizons for the Textile and Clothing Industry” will explore the new frontiers of the textile and fashion system, bringing researchers, experts, companies and institutions from several European countries to the city. 
The event takes on an original format, with interactive presentations that will engage the public through moments of exchange, and roundtable events with speakers. Its two locations in Prato represent this city’s cultural centers: The Centro Pecci (May 29) and the Textile Museum (May 30). 
Amongst the scheduled speeches are ones dedicated to the most recent trends in the industry and to the analysis of an increasingly complex market, which sees important opportunities for development and commercialisation in consumer choices and new forms of distribution. The organisations of international importance who will bring their own experience to the event include: Reverse Resources, Luisa Via Roma, Circular Fashion, Connecting Cultures, C&A Foundation and more. 
Alongside these big names, the laboratories and research centres that make up the TCBL network will offer a view of the more innovative business models which – thanks to new international collaborations and cutting edge services for businesses – have created alternative value chains, in favour of transparency, circularity and the human factor.
The resemblance of the conference’s themes with those that have been sustained for some times by the Municipality of Prato will allow for new reflections, in the belief that this is the key to relaunching the district – as demonstrated by the positive response of companies to every one of the municipality’s new initiatives aimed at strengthening digital innovation and sustainability.
The #TCBL_2018 conference will be accompanied by a vast programme of side events, workshops, textile exhibits, video installations and presentations organised in collaboration with the TCBL network of creative hubs in Athens, Ljubljana, Valencia and Palermo, developed thanks to the Municipality of Prato’s MED Creativewear project, which applies the results of TCBL to the Mediterranean area.