#TCBL_2017 Annual conference

#TCBL_2017 Annual conference will be a two exciting days of brilliant speakers and intense interaction. This year the conference will be host in the Technopolis of Athens that is one of the city’s major cultural venues located in the old gasworks precinct of Athens!
TCBL aims to build an innovation ecosystem to renew the European textile and clothing sector. We explore new ways to design, make, and do business together. #TCBL_2017 invites you to participate in our yearly event, articulated in nine different formats, to find out how the textiles and clothing sector is responding to major change.
You will be exploring new technologies and trends that shape innovation today, linking innovation to tradition.
You will be looking at new directions for the industry, driven by consumer choices and customisation, the environment and new technologies, with a range of provocative speakers offering new perspectives on these issues.
You will be looking at how participants in the TCBL ecosystem from all over Europe think how this might work in practice, developing new business models and collaborative ventures along the way.
Above all, you will meet and become part of the TCBL community, breathing in the capacities and energies of one of the Mediterranean and the dynamic developments happening in Greece. The formats that make up #TCBL_2017 offer different ways for your to see, learn and interact.