Our 10 finalists

Here you can find contact information to our ten designers. 

Anastasiya Stepanenko, a student from Spain

Phone number: +34 646 094 024
Instagram: @anastasiya_stepanenko_couture
Anastasiya Stepanenko is creating tailored and manipulated fabrics and patterns that highlight the feminine of the woman figure. Maintaining the memory of the shapes and colors of that mediterranean nature. Stability, perseverance, willpower and creativity are the strengths of the designer to progress and grow in the fashion industry, giving the best attention to the final product and quality for each demanding client of the fashion industry. Stepanenko's goal is to grow and improve every day for better fashion.

Andrea Bou, a student from Spain

Phone number: +34 608 178 537
Instagram: @andreaboudesign

"I love science, photography and fashion. I utterly enjoy simplicity; ¨less is more¨ is my mantra. Being attracted by two opposite poles such as art and science, makes me work continuously to find the balance between them both, and that was my intention in this collection."




Carolina Rönnberg, an entrepreneur from Sweden

Phone number: +46 706-900655
Instagram: @wilhja 

Behind WILHJA stands Carolina Rönnberg, an autodidact designer with a passion for detailed surfaces, alternative ideas & refined handiwork. In her constant search for the 'new’ (colliding with a wish to preserve the “old”) brave silhouettes & sculpted structures come to life through material manipulation & experiments bearing visible sci-fi influences in contrast to the also classic aesthetics.


Cristina Soriano Arrasa, an entrepreneur from Spain

Phone number: +34 686 654 677
Instagram: @cinttbycristinasoriano

"I am Cristina Soriano, the creation in the field of fashion, has always been my passion and my goal. My enthusiasm for traveling, has led me to study and work in the field of fashion in several countries. At the moment I am the designer of my own brand C.Arrasa. Night dresses and cocktail, made with soul and taste for things well done.

I bet for a sustainable fashion and a circular economy that respects the environment. Handmade and local production. Therefore each model, every detail, has its own history."


Emelie Svensson, an entrepreneur from Sweden

Phone number: +46 709-389571
Instagram: @mlibysvensson

MLì by SVENSSON is an elegant haute couture flirt with street style traveling. Our DNA is tailored ready-to-wear juxtaposing design in eclectic use of polyester. We capture stories from the Pigalle quartiers in Paris into the Berlin underground club scene creating made-to-measure limited collections. MLì by SVENSSON is taking the next step towards a 100% recycled collection produced on a circular economy.

Photographer: Markus Kinnunen


Julia Velázquez Charro, a student from Spain

Phone number: +34 618 480 280
Instagram: @slujuls

"My name is Julia, I was born in Pamplona and am studying the fashion design bachelor in the college LCI Barcelona. the project          / is the name of my new collection.
It is a way of connecting myself with people thanks to the colours, the fabrics and their treatments. To obtain an artisan result the fabrics have been manually dyed. The buttons have been handmade out of ceramic. the prints have been created out of own pictures being shot in different moments of my life."


Malin Busck, an entrepreneur from Sweden

Phone number: +46 707-133967
Instagram: @hionlife_2.0 and @malinbusck
HI ON LIFE is a small-scale street couture brand with a sustainable focus. Malin Busck combines Scandinavian heritage with African influences into an eclectic fusion of clean cuts and sartorial extravaganza. All styles are made on demand in close collaboration with tailors and artisans in Ghana. The aim is to create independent pieces to be loved by its owners while contributing to a better fashion future.


Miriam Prat Gutierrez, a student from Spain

Phone number: +34 646 834 660
Instagram: @miriamptg

"I see fashion as a union of all artistic disciplines - my aim is to combine modern and artisanal techniques, to create garments which allow people to express themselves.
My  work  has  been  exhibited  in the MACBA Museum, "HJ LIVE 2017" in Dublin, "ExCel 2017" in London and on TV.  I was awarded with 2 prizes in the AOF COMPETITION, San Francisco, CA and I am also a finalist of Mittelmoda 2018."

Rita Rodrigues de Sá, an entrepreneur from Portugal

Phone number: +351 960 302 377
Instagram: @ritasa.brand

Behind Rita Sá’s work there are strong concepts that reflect her will to find new silhouettes for both man and woman. The theme “Light in the Night” leads her to a conceptual idea about the discovery of a personality that doesn’t allow his own light to come out. As the proverb says “If you have a glass ceiling, don´t throw rocks in the air”, describing the game played by those who desperately try to be something they are not; masked hypocrites who feel the need of ostentation in a “make-believe” world. 


Sanna Schubert, a student from Germany

Phone number: +49 1786860931
Instagram: @sannaschubert

Sanna Schubert‘s work reflects a strong, powerful woman - a victress, who knows exactly what she wants, who fights and hunts for it!
Contrasting the turbulent social and political times today, she uses strong and bright colors. She focuses on natural resources using organic materials. She studied fashion design at Reutlingen University, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and Polimoda in Florence. She worked for Cacharel, Paris, A.F. Vandevorst, Antwerp and Hugo Boss, Metzingen.