Desigual celebrated the World Art Day with the campaign “Be your own muse”, April 14th


Under the moto #beyourownmuse, Desigual celebrated the World Art Day redifining the concept of muse through self-portraits of various female illustrators. 

The brand, very connected with art and its different forms, wished to celebrated this date sharing a new perspective of arts through the different illustrators that show their point of view about the brand and themselves and how they have become their own muse in their purest inspiration. Desigual has looked for the collaboration with different international artists so they made a self portrait wearing a garment of the brand and become for one day muses as well as artists. So, Desigual intends to open the debate about the redefinition of muse concept as an active, creative and alive entity, leaving behind the cliché of feminine muses that inspired male creators. 

Helen Oh, Anastasia Bengoechea, Alice Wietzel, Veronica Grech and Helen Bullock are the illustrators that have collaborated with Desigual in this action, drawing themselves, the way they see themselves and being their own source of inspiration.

“I think the World Art Day is an opportunity to discover and meet other artists. We have a pretty lonely life and it feels good to know we are surrounded by people that have overcome the same challenges we face on a regular basis”, says Alice Wietzel, Parisian artist. Her semi realistic and soft toned style breaks the intiutive and imaginative way she illustrates. She venerates David Hockney and is inspired by Bodil Jane to represent many women very different to her, but who are also part of herself, her imagination and the change on the beauty standard, which she really believes in.

Anastasia Bengoechea confesses : « my illustrations talk about stories about strong women and make fun of practically everything in life. Sometimes I say things not accepted socically. That’s why people thinks they are funny, I guess”. Bengoechea, better known as “Monstruo Espagueti” (Spaghetti Monster), creates extraordinary worlds in black and white and words, always from a comedy point of view.

"I think I have to be the biggest fan of my work and myself. I think that without self confidence or confidence on my work, no one can really understand me. We have many twists and turns during our lives, this is why it is important to live with confidence in order to overcome them. Self confidence is key in our lives” underwrites Helen Oh, Korean born artist living in New York, who through colourful and free line, creates through “brush accidents”. 

Veronica Grech illustrates independent, intelligent and free women. Women who love fashion as much as their own personality. Inside a very graphic world and full of colour, her illustrations are in constant evolution. When she speaks about being her own muse she feels powerful and strong “I choose and make decisions by myself, I am a woman, I am a hard worker, I am creative and I feel proud of being who I am”. 

Under the constant search of the authentic and the unfinished, Helen Bullock finds a personal vision in which imperfections are our friends. She expresses like this in her illustration: “fashion is not always beautiful and perfect, it has also its defects, so be proud of yours!” Her illustrations show a spirit of energy and fun where she creates a message with a very personal vocabulary.

Thanks to this action, Desigual reafirms its link with all art disciplines, which have been since the beginning a great source of inspiration and reason to exist. Thanks to the different collaborations with renowned artists, the brand has grown and expanded its way of seeing the world, arts and fashion.