Economy Minister validated I9G project presented in Guimarães


Signing of memorandum between the city of Guimarães, University of Minho and the companies included in the "Guimarães Brand" program took place at February 22nd.

Preparation of innovation projects in order to transfer knowledge produced at the University of Minho and other entities of the scientific system for companies based in Guimarães. This is the concept that defines this "perfect triangulation" based on I9G project, presented last Friday to the Minister of Economy and, in a session held in Guimarães. Pedro Siza Vieira authenticated in the document immediately after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Guimarães, University of Minho and Guimarães entrepreneurs of the "Guimarães Brand".

"This project demonstrates the ability to transfer the knowledge that is produced in our universities for our companies and is a decisive condition to win the battle of competitiveness through more skilled and more research to develop products. It should be noted the participation of the Municipality of Guimarães in order to create conditions, in terms of support and recruitment of human resources, in a tripartite cooperation with the University and entrepreneurs. This is very exciting, "said Minister of Economy.

Pedro Siza Vieira also stressed that the example of Guimarães should be replicated. "Municipalities have developed economic support strategies to according to the most immediate needs companies, and this is the new kind of challenges that municipalities have been to advance, knowing that in all the cities where there are higher education institutions is created greater entrepreneurial dynamism. Therefore, I believe that this collaboration between Universities, Municipalities and Enterprises is a model that we will see more often in the future, "reported the Minister.

To put in practice I9G project will create an Industrial Academy, whose place will be Pevidém (Selho S. Jorge). The Mayor intends that all county companies are integrated, considering the need for "constant training" directing to the areas of digital, artificial intelligence, robotics and biotechnology. "We do not want to exclude anyone and there are people who are working for decades in these companies, but they should have a very targeted training for future challenges. The Industrial Academy that we will implement in Guimarães will be to give this training to the workers, technicians and skilled or skilled workers and entrepreneurs themselves. We are setting a path to win this 4th industrial revolution and integrate all businesses,

Rui Vieira de Castro said that "the University has an active role in the training and qualification of human resources and within what is their mission, for many years, has a major axis that is the interaction with society. Therefore, the University of Minho is assumed as the engine development in the region and the country, by binding to the economic fabric and businesses. "

The i9G project was presented by Councilman, Ricardo Costa, which showed that the City of Guimarães aims to increase organizational capacity and knowledge of their businesses, contributing to the achievement of one of the strategic objectives such as the creation of high quality jobs, which allow the attraction and retention of new talent in the region. Therefore, the project will provide companies with a set of critical skills that will enable them to develop new products and services, strengthening the value to the national economy, making it more competitive and able to support higher wages and improve the quality of lives of its employees.