INTERTEX visits MODTISSIMO FAIR in Porto, Portugal


On February 22, MODACC went to the MODTISSIMO Fair in Porto, to carry out a transnational workshop, one of the activities of the INTERTEX project together with other project partners such as COINTEGA (Galicia) and ATP (Portugal). On this occasion the Portuguese, Catalan and Galician partners were accompanied by companies from each of these territories.

Throughout the day, apart from being able to visit the fair, the companies shared work spaces in which they were informed of the progress of the INTERTEX project and the upcoming international actions and how to access to participate in them.

During the following months the testing period of pilot tools on internationalization will begin, so INTERTEX project puts it at the disposal of Textile SMEs that need to improve their degree of expansion abroad. Thus, in the month of May, INTERTEX will participate in the Interior Lifestyle Fair in Tokyo, with a joint stand, where 10 companies representing Catalonia, Valencia and France have already confirmed attendance.

The other activities of INTERTEX that are open to the participation of companies are: missions to Miami and Germany, joint internationalization groups, business platforms to the United States, China and Northern Europe and virtual fairs.


INTERTEX seeks to promote the joint internationalization of SMEs in the sector by boosting supply and demand between the territories, activating commercial cooperation initiatives and creating new transnational value chains. It is a project financed by FEDER within the INTERREG-SUDOE program.


INTERTEX is led by the City Council of Igualada in cooperation with MODACC and ACCIÓ (Catalonia), ATEVAL (Valencia), COINTEGA (Galicia), ATP (northern Portugal) and UITSUD (Midi-Pyrenées-France).