Investors recognize conditions of success to invest in Guimarães


Mayor of Guimarães highlights industrial potential of the county. Investments in progress exceed EUR 80 million.

Visit to the companies Polopiqué, DFAL, Nice World and Bolama, under the "Open Day Investment" initiative of the Development Division of the Guimarães City Hall was just a sample of the investments being made in the municipality.
May 15th, the mayor of Guimarães visited some companies that are innovating and developing new investments in the county, boosting the creation of jobs and, above all, giving the bet of economic dynamism. At present, investments in excess of 80 million euros are under way.

Domingos Bragança praised the "capacity of entrepreneurs", underlining the action of the autarchy through the bet in the Division of Economic Development (DDE). "There is a context of proximity between the Town Hall and the businessmen, just as there is a proximity between the Municipality and the institutes of knowledge. We have created the Economic Division that is making a difference in this constant support to the entrepreneurs and to make known the opportunity to invest in Guimarães ", stressed the president of the municipality.

The mayor emphasized that "investors recognize that here, in Guimarães, they find all the conditions for the success of their investments", pointing to "the strong industrial brand" of the county. "Guimarães is a territory of great capacity and with specialized workers, a good teaching system and research units implemented. There is a strong interest in investing in Guimarães. It is good that this happens, not only in Guimarães but also in the country, within the territory at the level of the Quadrilátero, CIM Ave, so that industrial investments can be made in this region, "he said.

Domingos Bragança made a "very positive" assessment of this visit to the companies and recalled the project of implementing an Industrial Academy "taking into account entrepreneurship for the sector through various development and research units."

The mayor of Guimarães points out a "long way" to develop with the "support of the Government" and also a concerted action with the University of Minho in this purpose. "I want the School of Textile Engineering of the University of Minho, located in the center of Azurém in Guimarães, to be a European reference textile school. We have a European textile sector of reference and we want the School of Textile Engineering to be a reference. A strong investment in this school is required to welcome students in the field of textile engineering in the country and around the world. Then it is important to link this knowledge to the companies, "said the mayor.

The visit to the companies counted on the representations of AICEP (Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal), ACIG (Commercial and Industrial Association of Guimarães), CIM Ave (Intermunicipal Community of Ave), IEFP (Institute of Employment and Vocational Training) and Quadrilátero.