Jaão Sousa won the important contest “New creators PFN”


The municipality of Santo Tirso supports participation og young designer in Portugal fashion

João Sousa faces, at the age of 18, the biggest challenge of his (still) short career. The young man from Santo Tirso won the 1st place in the contest "New Creators PFN", thus guaranteeing the opportunity to integrate the Bloom Space of Portugal Fashion, which will be held from October 18, at the Customs of Porto. The Municipality of Santo Tirso, through the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs (AYCH) project, approved by INTERREG Espaço Atlântico, supports the participation of the designer in this prestigious showcase of young talent.

"The cube became my small atelier," explains João Sousa, who since July has developed his collection, "Filhos do Lago", in one of the Cubes of the Fashion and Design Incubator (IMOD) of the Santo Thyrso Factory. At IMOD, João finds "the ideal conditions to work the pieces, from the spinning and weaving machines, to the modeling tables". Its Asian-inspired collection represents a trip to Myanmar and the culture of Intha fishermen.

João Sousa was born in the textile industry. The young man's family has always been linked to this sector, from confectionery to the organization of events, from entertainment to the passerelle. Therefore, "since the age of four I dream of being a designer," he reveals, considering that "the support of the City Council was fundamental for the realization of the collection." Through the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs (AYCH) project, a transnational partnership to promote entrepreneurship and youth employment in the creative sector, the Municipality of Santo Tirso will support the participation of the designer in Espaço Bloom, in Portugal Fashion, which will be held from on the 18th, at the Oporto Customs.

For the mayor of Santo Tirso, Joaquim Couto, "creative industries, particularly fashion, are part of the identity and history of the Municipality." "We want, therefore, to encourage the emergence and growth of new talent, which continue the process of reinvention and modernization of the textile sector," he alludes.

In addition to the AYCH project, a European program in which the Municipality of Santo Tirso is the only Portuguese representative, the City Council further strengthens the Santo Tirso EMPREENDE program, which supports innovative business ideas in the areas of Tourism Products and Services, Fashion and Fashion Design.