The Vice-chairman of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Pepe Millet, together with the director of AITEX, Vicente Blanes, gave the awards to the winners of the Jacquard tissue Design and Development 1.0 Contest organised by the AITEX Chair.
The AITEX Chair celebrated the awards of the Jacquard tissue Design and Development 1.0 on the last 7th July in the Polytechnic University of Valencia- Campus of Alcoy. The contest participants presented in front of a jury their projects. The aim of the contest was to award the best tissues addressed to the textiles-home market developed by 15 different contestants. Their works have been evaluated according to originality, creativity, fashion trends, technical quality and presentation criteria.
The jury conferred the following prizes: 1st Prize to Nerea Sanjuan for her work “Flamingo Palms”, 2nd Prize to Lorena López for her work “Braille Textil” and 3rd Prize to María Matarre-dona for her work “Tropic”.
The AITEX Chair was created after the collaboration of AITEX and Polytechnic University of Valencia for the realisation of general interest activities. The aim is the promotion and development of activities that contribute to the positioning of the textile sector, in the university level as well as the social level. In this sense, the Chair has the objective of promote textiles sector as an attractive, with a multidisciplinary nature and with future.