Portuguese Prime Minister and Mayor of Guimarães sealed an agreement

António Costa(Portuguese Prime Minister) and Domingos Bragança(Mayor of Guimarães) sealed an agreement in a public session that guaranteed funding. National program aims to improve the connection of business areas to large motorways. Access to AvePark is part of this set of interventions.
The financing of the road dedicated to AvePark - Science and Technology Park of Guimarães, worth 18.4 million euros, is one of the investments announced by the Government, during the presentation of the Valuation Program of the Business Areas.
The infrastructures and equipment for the creation and expansion of business areas aim to strengthen the competitiveness of convergence regions, improve the conditions for setting up businesses in areas where there is a lack of business deployment space, boost job creation and increase exports.
The investment in the accessibility of access to AvePark, aims to reduce travel time to the structuring network, facilitate access to ports and borderland, foster economic growth and attract new investments.