The European Commission, through the SME Instrument program, aims to support small and medium enterprises across Europe to develop and bring to market new products and services.

The spinning company S.A. HILADOS EGARFIL, within its product innovation strategy, submitted its project proposal to the first call for 2018 where it competed with 2.008 proposals from European companies in broad range of sectors. 

S.A. HILADOS EGARFIL proposal was among the 257 projects selected for funding of 50.000€ to develop a business plan. This business plan to be developed by S.A. HILADOS EGARFIL aims to bring to the market a new yarn that will enable the diversification of the company’s activity toward technical textile niche markets.

S.A. HILADOS EGARFIL received support from AEI TÈXTILS, the technical textile cluster of Catalonia, in preparing this first stage. AEI TÈXTILS, as a business organization with know-how in the technical textiles sector and with expertise in strategic re-orientation within this field, will continue collaborating with the company in the development of the business plan which will be performed in 6 months.

The results of this project will enable S.A. HILADOS EGARFIL to acquire the required tools to assess the project implementation, including the research and development activities, industrialization, prototyping, design etc. for driving it toward market introduction.

This milestone implies a recognition of the innovation capacity of the sector and how a cluster can contribute to increase the competitiveness of its members.


Since its founding in 1963, S.A. HILADOS EGARFIL has been dedicated to the manufacture and sale of long-fiber worsted yarns.

This group of family-operated companies has shown itself, over its half-century-long history, capable of renewal and progress towards meeting the new demands of the market.

The company’s accumulated know-how and expertise, combined with the dynamism of recent additions to its workforce, has produced a team that has what it takes to reach its goals in an effective way.

S.A. HILADOS EGARFIL product line includes all types of yarn made from natural, artificial and synthetic fibers, in pure compositions or in mixes (worsted wool, acrylic, alpaca, mohair, cotton, linen, viscose, polyamide, polyester, etc.).

The group has a main commercial factory, two warehouses, a spinning plant, a dye plant and two textile finishing companies. Also part of the group is a commercial fiber company. All subsidiaries have a high production capacity and the means to maintain strict quality levels.

The group is backed by many years of experience in international trade and is evidenced by S.A. HILADOS EGARFIL presence in European and worldwide markets.

The fashion sector has been one of the mainstays of S.A. HILADOS EGARFIL business, but currently also produces a large variety of yarns for broad applications: protective purposes, upholstery, decoration, flat knitting, the automotive industry among others.