Technical Textiles represent 124 million in exports


The municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão already exports 124 million euros in technical textiles, which represents 26% of total international sales.

These data were advanced by the INE Regional Statistical Yearbook, in a recent edition.

The exports of the textile and clothing industry in Portugal have 9.1% of representation in Famalicão, in other words, Famalicão exports 474 million euros, according to data from 2017. In general terms, sales abroad of textiles are worth 23.7% of total exports.

The main export markets of Famalicão textil are for Spain (21%), Germany (16.5%) and France (12%).

The export performance of technical and / or functional textiles is growing. Between 2013 and 2017, exports of textile materials or products, which are distinguished by their high technicality and differentiation, grew by 24.1% in the county. In 2016, 111 million were registered, which increased to 124 million euros in 2017.

Famalicão, which is titled Cidade Têxtil, has good results in textiles also at the level of business. In 2017 it grew 5.3% to 812 million euros, and gross value added rose 7.6% to 254 million euros.

These results are produced by 827 companies, which have a total of 11,245 employees.

Famalicão has been leading exports in the North for a decade and holds the title of third national exporter.